10 Tons Capacity Truck Crane’s Operation Cab

Operation room device and instrument
1.  Rotary lever   2.  Telescopic lever  3.  Luffing lever  4.  Aux. winch lever  5. Main winch lever  6.  Accelerator pedal  7.  Computer control box  8. Electronic control box

General steel structure. Modern streamlined style, full coverage of PVC plastic interior decoration materials, the front glass and top widow glass as a whole arc glass which is laminated glass.

There is a roller sunshade on the top window, right, rear, left rear sealing with 5mm thick tempered glass. There is a cup holder next to the luxurious seat. This design makes the operator wider vision and comfortable.

There installed wiper, computer control box, computer(optional) etc. Which can control the engine to adjust the accelerator in the operation room. We can also install the cooling or warm air conditioner.

Switch instructions

1. Work lamp switch
Work lamp is on when switch it.

2. Top lamp switch
Top lamp is on when switch it.

3. Boom lamp switch
Boom lamp is on when switch it

4. Horn switch
Horn works when switch it

5. Wiper switch
Wiper works when switch it.

6. Fan switch
Fan works when switch it

7. Flameout
Engine stops when switch it.

8. Start switch

9. Engine works when switch it.