12 To 16 Tons Truck Crane Oil Change Cycle

Three methods to determine the oil change period:

1. Visual oil exchange method.
It is based on the experience of maintenance personnel, according to the visual observation of some changes in the conventional state of oil – such as oil blackening, smelling, turning Milky white, etc., to decide whether to change oil.

2. Regular oil change method.
According to the environmental conditions, working conditions and oil exchange cycle of the equipment site, the replacement will be carried out at the expiration date. This method is suitable for enterprises with more hydraulic equipments.

3. Sampling and testing method.
Sampling and testing oil in hydraulic press regularly, determining necessary items (such as viscosity, acid value, moisture, particle size and content, corrosion, etc.) and indicators, and comparing actual measured oil quality with the prescribed oil deterioration standard to determine whether oil should be replaced.