12 Tons Truck Crane Legs

The 12 tons truck crane generally has 5 support points, 4 common legs, 2 front and 2 left and right symmetrical arrangements, and a small leg at the middle of the front of the car hoist.

At present, there are mainly the following types of hydraulic crane legs: frog-type legs, H-shaped legs, X-shaped legs, radiant legs and swinging legs.

H-shaped leg: The H-type legs have a large extension distance, and each leg has two horizontal and vertical cylinders, which can be adjusted separately. In order to ensure a sufficient extension distance, the fixed beams of the left and right legs are staggered back and forth.

The H-shaped leg has good adaptability to the work site and the ground, is easy to level, and has a high support height, but has a large weight and a large leg height, which affects the working space. Suitable for medium and large cranes.