14 Tons Lorry Crane Boom Telescopic Operation Method

Boom telescopic operation method is as followed

1)  The extension of the boom: Move the telescopic lever of the boom to the right “up” file.

2)  Contraction of boom: Move the telescopic lever of the boom to the left “descent” file.

3)Shut-down operation

Release the joystick and the lever will automatically return to neutral.

Boom installation order

Outstretched by the second arm extension, third arm and forth arm simultaneously out of the order of action; contraction in accordance with the forth, third arm retracted synchronously, and then with the order of the second arm sequence retract action.


When the boom is extended, the hook will rise. Conversely, when the boom is retracted, the hook will fall. When the telescopic boom is extended, the boom and the hook will damage the arm head and the hook. Therefore, when booms are extended or contracted, pay attention to the swing of the hooks and perform the hoisting operation at the same time.