16 Tons T King Truck Crane Trouble of Boom

The existing cranes with more than 6 arms in T KING 16-TON crane market are basically the latest form of telescoping mechanism (and single cylinder plug-in telescoping scheme), which is completely different from the small tonnage wire rope telescoping mechanism.

Fault Description: The arm jitters when the arm retracts in the state of extension or full extension.
Fault analysis: First of all, determine whether the whole jitter or individual arm jitter. If it is full-range jitter, we should focus on checking whether the working pressure is normal, whether the telescopic balance valve is stuck and the cylinder is crawling, and if it is individual arm segment jitter, we should focus on checking whether the gap between the arm slider and the pre-tightening force of the telescopic arm rope are suitable for checking lubrication and deformation of individual arm segment.

Causes of failure of 16 ton crane:

1. The lubrication of the upper arm is insufficient.

2. The telescopic arm rope is not loose enough.

3. The tail slider of the upper arm has not been adjusted properly.

4. Crawling of telescopic cylinder, improper adjustment of balance valve and system pressure.

The Method of Eliminating the Trouble of 16-TON Crane Arm Expansion and Divergence

1. Inspect the lubrication at the arc of the inner chamber of the arm through the observation hole of the arm barrel, and then apply butter on the tail slider to lubricate the arm by stretching and contracting for many times.

2. Check whether each arm is deflected and upward warped, and if it is, first adjust and upward warped.

3. Check whether the slider on each arm head is too tight, adjust and loosen the slider bolt;

4. Adjust the clearance of the tail slider, and adjust the upper tail slider loosely when the arm trembles, while the upper tail slider is tightened when the retractor trembles.

5. Check the tightness of the telescopic arm rope, and if it is too loose, take the telescopic arm rope.

6. If still trembling, check whether the expansion pressure is normal and try to adjust the expansion pressure and the expansion balance valve.