16 Tons Truck Crane Outrigger Operation

Before working, should choose a flat and solid ground to lay out the outriggers. If the foundation is weak or ruggedness, you should put the padding under the outrigger seat, to keep the truck crane stable.

Picture 7-1 Outrigger operation valve
1.Outrigger telescopic level
2.Left rear outrigger telescopic level
3.Right rear outrigger telescopic level
4.Left front outrigger telescopic level
5.Right front outrigger telescopic level
6.Accelerator level

Please operate as the flowing steps:

1) Push the outrigger level 2 3 4 5 inward to proper position, and extend the telescopic level 1 to the extend position. The four active outriggers can be extended separately or simultaneously by the horizontal cylinders pushing.

2) Install the outrigger seat plate directly below the vertical cylinder, (if the ground is soft, put the padding under the outriggers )

3) After t he horizontal outriggers reach the position, pull the joystick 2 3 4 5 outward to the proper position, extend the telescopic level 1 to the extended position. The four vertical cylinders will extend together.

Pls check the car frame is horizontally or not when the tires leave the ground or the vertical cylinders are stretched enough. If not, you can independently operate the vertical cylinder to achieve levelness. Put the joystick to its neutral position and lock the levels with locking plate after the frame is in level.

4) Contracting the legs according to the reverse process of the previous method


A) Leave enough space to avoid hurting people or objects during operation.

B) It is forbidden to manipulate the outrigger levels (except accelerator level) during the operation.

C) Outriggers speed can be adjusted by accelerator level.

D) It is forbidden to manipulate the horizontal telescopic of the outriggers before the vertical outrigger(vertical cylinder) leave the ground.

E) The frame tilt should be less than 1.5 degrees.

F) Check frequently whether the gradienter 1 is consistent with actual level of car frame. If not, you can adjust the nud under the gradienter.

Picture 7-2 outrigger operation mechanism
1. Outrigger operation valve
2. Horizontal cylinder
3. Active outrigger
4. Outrigger holder
5. Vertical cylinder

Picture 7-3 Outrigger operation instruction