16 Tons Truck Mounted Crane Rotation Operation Method

The swing operation of the boom is as follows

1) Rotate right
Move the rotary lever to the left arrow

2) Rotate Left
Move the lever to the right arrow

3) Shut-down operation
Release the joystick and the lever will automatically return to neutral.


  • The slewing operation must be performed at a low speed, and attention must be paid to the presence of obstacles or other personnel. Rapid slewing, or collisions with obstacles and people, can cause the crane to tip over and cause casualties.
  • When the goods are hoisted, the goods are as close to the ground as possible. Otherwise, a rollover accident may occur due to the centripetal force during the rotation.

The siren switch is located on both sides of the fixed leg box and on the upper seat panel. Pressing the switch will warn you. If non-workers are standing in a dangerous position during operation, use a siren to warn.