3-20 Tons Truck Mounted Crane Components

1- Chassis: Transport and crane power source.

2- Throttle joystick: Accelerate engine speed.

3- Slewing movement: Includes slewing support, rotary reducer, rotary motor. To turn the column around.

4- Rotary column: The supporting arm, the reel and the amplitude cylinder are driven by a rotating mechanism.

5- Operating mechanism: Control oil cylinder, motor and other system action.

6- Hoisting mechanism: The hydraulic motor drives the drum through the reducer, lifting the weight through the wire rope.

7- Operation seat: Located in the upper part of the column, the sight line is good and easy to operate.

8- Luffing cylinder: For lifting or lowering the boom.

9- Boom: The boom is powered by a telescopic cylinder. The hook pulley block is suspended from the top of the arm and acts as a lifting wire rope support.

10- Load indicator: The maximum lifting weight for each arm length and angle.

11- Hook assembly: Lifting operations.

12- Hydraulic system: Hydraulic systems include hydraulic pumps, center swivel joints, hydraulic valves, motors, piping, hydraulic tanks, and special hydraulic fluids.

13- Base: The base is mounted on the bottom carriage and supports the column and legs.

14- Horn switch: When the switch is pressed, the person other than the operator is warned.

15- Pressure Gauge: Displays the working pressure of the hydraulic system when the truck crane is in operation.

16- Outrigger assembly: Support on the ground when working with the truck crane to enhance vehicle stability.

17- PTO handle: Control the PTO, transfer the engine power to the hydraulic pump.

18- The vehicle sign: Indicates origin, name and quality parameters.