3 Main parts of the Truck Crane

All the friends who know the truck crane know that the mixer truck has three hydraulic components. Do you know that the truck crane also has three components? What are the three components? What is the relationship between them?

The three major parts of the truck crane are chassis, crane and cargo box. This is an important part of the truck mounted crane and the key to the selection of the truck mounted crane.

Crane is one of the key parts of the truck mounted crane, which is directly related to the lifting capacity of the truck mounted crane, so the selection of crane is very important, such as XCMG, Shimei, Liyue, etc. are all big brand cranes, which are very good choices.

The crane is divided into folding arm and straight arm, which can be selected according to the working environment of the crane.

The working radius of straight arm is relatively large, which is suitable for open working environment.

Because of the small working radius, folding arm is more suitable for narrow working environment, such as enterprise warehouse, wharf and other places, and can also be equipped with various auxiliary tools for special operations. In terms of price, straight arm is relatively cheap, which can be selected according to your own needs.

The tonnage of crane is also optional.

This mainly depends on what kind of cargo is hoisted. The tonnage of the crane is selected according to the size of the object to be hoisted. It is most important to be suitable. If the crane is selected large, it will cause waste. If it is selected small, it will not meet the demand. Generally speaking, the best hoisting tonnage of the crane is 70% – 90% of the maximum hoisting mass of the crane. Because the crane cannot be loaded at full load, it must be ensured that the hoisting weight is Surplus, so as to extend the service life of the crane, and the longer the crane extends, the smaller the lifting quality.

The chassis is also one of the three major parts of the truck mounted crane, which is related to the attendance rate of the truck mounted crane and affects its working efficiency. Therefore, when choosing the chassis, try to choose the big brands, such as HOWO, SHACMAN TRUCK, Dongfeng, SINO TRUCK, etc. these brands have good chassis quality, good reputation in the special vehicle industry, and there are after-sales service stations all over the country, so you don’t need to worry about after-sales problems.

It is also necessary to consider the matching of crane and chassis, and the matching degree of crane tonnage and chassis should be appropriate, so as to ensure the bearing capacity and stability of the whole vehicle.

Finally, let’s talk about the cargo box. Generally, the size of the container is stipulated in the announcement, which must be done according to the announcement.

The three parts of the crane are complementary to each other. If they match well, it is a great crane.