5 Tons Truck Mounted Crane Operation Cautions

3 Tons/ 4 Tons/ 5 Tons/ 6.3 Tons/ 8 Tons/ 10 Tons/ 12 Tons/ 14 Tons/ 16 Tons and 20 Tons truck mounted crane all should obey the the following rules.

The operating room should strictly observe the precautions:

(1)The operator must receive training and carry out many practical operations before actually operating the crane;

The chassis should be is in a neutral position, the brake is in the braking state, and for the sake of safety, please fix the wheel.

Before operation, the horizontal cylinder and vertical cylinder of the movable leg must be fully extended to maintain the level of the vehicle body. If the movable leg is not fully extended, accidents may occur even when operating within the rated load range.

(2)Try to keep the motion smooth while operating;

(3)Do not use the boom to pull heavy objects

(4)The operating room load is not allowed to exceed the rated load. The crane load is the sum of the weight of the hooks and hoists and the weight of the lifting objects.

(5)To clear the surrounding obstacles before performing a rotary operation, so that the heavy object rotates at a lower level from the ground.

(6)It is not allowed to move the carrier in any form under load condition.

(7)When the operation is completed, the boom and movable leg must be reset, then the fixing pin is inserted, and the PTO device is disconnected.

(8)The boom cannot be operated in front when operating the crane.

(9)Pay more attention when working near a pole or other obstacle.

(10)When the boom is extended, it will cause accidents such as falling of the hook and heavy object due to the collision between the hook and the front end of the boom. Therefore, attention must be paid to the position of the hook during operation.

(11)Irrelevant persons not allowed to enter the operation and scope of operation of cranes.