6 Tons Truck Crane Operation Safety Precautions

Mobile crane operation safety precautions:

a ) It is forbidden to stand under the boom and not to stand in the radius of rotation when working

b )It is forbidden to lift heavy objects in the sky above anybody, and not to lift heavy objects when there is someone on.

c ) It is forbidden to overload, oblique slanting is not allowed, staggered overstock is not allowed, strictly forbidden to lift objects buried underground or frozen on the ground.

d ) It is forbidden to work without using the outriggers nor carry the vehicle. The outriggers must be laid before working and adjusted the levelness of the truck by use of the gradienter. The inclination of the machine is not more than 1 degree.

e ) it is forbidden to telescopic when loaded

f) It is forbidden to lift the same object by using use or more truck cranes.

g) In any lifting/hoisting condition, the wire rope on the hoisting winch drum must not be less than 3 turns.

h) Do not adjust the brake of hoisting mechanism under load.

i) The driver must not leave the operation room when the object stays in the air for a long time.

j) When there is an overhead high-voltage line near the work site, the distance between the boom and the high-voltage line should not exceed the requirements of relevant departments;

k) The operation should be smooth, moderate, no yank, push the joystick and sharp switching operations;

l) The operator should pay attention to the pressure indicated by the oil pressure gauge. If any abnormality is founded, identify the cause and eliminate in time.

m) Highly attention shall be paid when the actual load reaches 90% of the rated load. Truck crance shall be seized if there is any below situation occurs.

1. overload or object weight is unclear

2. Heave bundle, unstable hanging causes slippages

3. No lining between the edge corner and wire rope.

4. Difficult workplace, unable to recognize lifting weights or command signals

5. Structure or parts have defects or damages affecting the safe work, such as failure of brake and safety device, damage of the wire rope, etc.