8 Tons Lorry Crane Outriggers Operation

The 8 tons lorry crane outrigger’s operation is as follows:

(1) All the outriggers of the front and back, left and right sides can be simultaneously or separately operated.

(2) Confirm the position of the vehicle and make sure that the ground is firm. Use the levers of the outriggers to fully extend the outriggers and level the vehicle.

(3) After the vehicle is leveled, put the joystick back to the neutral position.


It is possible to overturn the vehicle while working on the sloping ground, so use a pad to keep the vehicle level.Because of the limitation of the working environment, the supporting leg can only be extended to a certain extent when it can not be extended to the maximum extent. At this time, the load quantity will be affected by the different extension degree of the leg, so we must pay attention to the safety.


When the outrigger horizontal cylinder and vertical cylinder are extended, the operator and other workers should try to work with the leg as far as possible. Because the hands or feet are accidentally caught in the gap and cause injury.