Advantages and Disadvantages of the Front and Back Position of the Truck Crane

According to the crane position, the truck mounted crane is generally divided into front type and rear type; according to the crane type, it can be divided into folding arm type and straight arm type. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the front and back of the crane?

Front mounted crane.
This is a commonly used form of crane. Its crane is installed on the girder between the car cab and the cargo box.

It has several advantages:

1. The axle load distribution is relatively uniform, so it has good operation stability and ride comfort, which is conducive to extending the service life of the tires of the truck mounted crane.

2. When the vehicle starts, accelerates or climbs on the road, the load of the driving wheel increases, and its tractability is much better than that of the rear mounted type.

3. Its engine, clutch, transmission, hydraulic operation device and other assemblies are close to the cab, simplifying the arrangement of the operation mechanism. The steering mechanism has simple structure and convenient maintenance.

It also has some disadvantages:

1. Due to the use of the transmission shaft device, not only the vehicle weight is increased, but also the transmission efficiency of the transmission system is reduced, which affects the fuel performance.

2. The arrangement of longitudinal engine, transmission, transmission shaft and other assemblies reduces the cab space and affects the driving comfort.

3. Because the engine hood protrudes on the floor, the area utilization rate in the car is reduced, resulting in the increase of noise, heat insulation and poor vibration isolation in the car, affecting the ride comfort.

Rear mounted crane
The rear mounted crane means that the crane is installed at the back of the vehicle compartment, which has three advantages:

1. Because the crane is installed at the rear of the vehicle, its hoisting space is not limited, and it can realize the hoisting work 360 degrees without obstacles. Moreover, it can install large tonnage truck mounted crane and increase the hoisting tonnage of truck mounted crane.

2. There are various types of boom installation.

3. The brake force distribution is reasonable, the front suspension structure is simple, and the engine is easy to disassemble. On the body floor, there is no raised passage or only a small passage, and small suspension can be used at the front.

Disadvantages of postposition:

1. The straight-line driving performance is average, and the crosswind sensitivity is high.

2. Because of the small load of the front wheels, it is difficult to turn when driving on the ice, and it is easy to oversteer when turning, which makes driving more difficult.

3. Due to the short pipeline, the design of exhaust device is difficult, and the problem of engine noise reduction is not easy to solve.

To sum up, both the front and back of the crane have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the crane with the car, you can choose according to your own needs.