Advantages of Electronic Injection for T- King Crane Engine

T King truck crane direct injection engine fuel injection principle:

Direct injection engine is to install the nozzle on the piston head and cylinder head, and inject high-pressure fuel directly into the cylinder.

When a DI engine works, the crankshaft of the engine rotates to drive the high-pressure fuel pump, and the high-pressure fuel produced reaches the nozzle at the top of each cylinder directly through the fuel pipe. The high-pressure fuel is atomized by the nozzle and then injected into the cylinder for combustion.

T King automobile crane direct injection engine advantages:

The reason why the direct injection engine has a large amount in the market has a considerable relationship with its obvious advantages. The structure of the engine is relatively simple, so the cost from research and development to production is much lower, and the simple structure means that the probability of failure is small, so the preservation rate is greatly improved.