Advantages of Remote Control

In recent years, the truck mounted crane is a new kind of transportation tool. Its operation mode includes down operation, up operation and wireless remote control operation. What are the advantages of wireless remote control operation?

The wireless remote control lorry crane has the following advantages:

1. Clearer vision:

The truck mounted crane with wireless remote control can stand near the lifting objects to observe the situation, which greatly reduces the accident rate.

2. Convenient and fast operation:

The crane equipped with wireless remote control can be operated by pressing a few buttons. The work is very easy. When the weather is not good, it can be operated indoors or in the cab, which greatly improves the work efficiency and brings more benefits.

3. The operator is safer:

The wireless remote control is far away from the truck crane when it is operated with the crane. If there is any accident such as overturning or folding the arm, it will not cause any harm to the operator. Therefore, it is safer to use the wireless remote control to operate the crane.

4. Greatly improved economy:

With the wireless remote control of the truck mounted crane, the operator can stand near the lifting objects with the remote control in hand, and one person can complete the operation and command of the lifting object, which can completely save one staff member. With the improvement of working efficiency, the daily profit will increase a lot.

5. Prevent high oil temperature:

The hydraulic system composed of load sensitive proportional valve can prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from being too high and avoid the fault and aging of the hydraulic system.