Analysis of the Impact on Chinese Truck Crane Price

1. Crane material: The quality of the material determines the load capacity and lifting capacity of the crane boom. The big arm is not the bigger the better. The heavier the boom itself, the weaker the performance will be. Therefore, the material is required to be light, flexible, and the sheet elasticity is good as the material selection standard. The better the material, the higher the price of the crane.

2. Production Process:

(1) Cutting, generally using laser cutting, this method has a fast cutting speed, the cutting slit is narrow, the slits are parallel and perpendicular to the surface, and the dimensional accuracy of the cutting parts is high, which can greatly improve the product quality of the crane.

(2) Welding technology, generally using electric welding, can not only improve the welding quality, but also obtain high-quality welds after cooling, so that the crane has beautiful appearance and firm performance.

(3) Processing characteristics of crane parts: drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine.

1 Drilling Machine – The radial drilling machine is a highly efficient hole machining machine. Because its spindle can move freely in the machining range, the workpiece is fixed. Therefore, processing holes, screw holes, etc. at different positions on large box parts is highly efficient.

2 Milling machine – Milling machine can cut the plane, groove, tooth and thread to make the contact surface of the beam and the turntable into a plane, ensuring that the turntable of the crane will not be subjected to extrusion deformation and improve the service life of the turntable.

3 trampoline – used for processing the boom of the crane boom, the turntable, large-diameter stepped holes, holes in different positions on large box parts. Since the cutter head and the mast of the trampoline are relatively rigid, the straightness of the machined hole is high.

The above is the analysis of the reasons that affect the price of Chinese cranes. With good materials and crafts, the price will naturally be higher, but such cranes are safer to use. Don’t delay the construction period because you are cheap.