Application of Truck Crane PTO

Special vehicles include sanitation green vehicles, freight transport vehicles, engineering construction vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, special operation vehicles, etc. many models of special vehicles have PTO devices, such as mixer vehicles, truck crane, obstacle removal vehicles, etc. So what are the uses of power takeoff? How does it work?

The PTO is a set of transmission gears, also known as power output device, which is generally composed of gearbox and clutch. It is connected with gearbox by gears. It is connected with lifting pump by shaft. It is a separate gear in gearbox. Put this gear on, and the lifting pump can be operated as soon as the fuel filler valve is put on.

The lifting pump is a hydraulic device, which can lift the truck body and realize the self unloading function. Special vehicles such as mixer, truck crane and dump truck that need extra power are obtained through PTO, which is an additional device installed on the outside of the gearbox (the PTO of cement mixer is on the clutch housing), which obtains power from a gear of the gearbox. This power on or off is controlled by a solenoid valve in the cab. The PTO drives the high-pressure oil pump to clear the obstacle; drives the hydraulic motor to rotate the mixing tank; drives the compressor to supply the refrigeration vehicle.

Domestic PTO is mostly used in special vehicles, so the requirements for PTO are relatively single. In Europe and North America, due to the high requirements of special vehicles for PTO, PTO manufacturers will design multiple output PTO, or PTO with clutch. The control methods of PTO are diversified, including mechanical control, hydraulic control, hydraulic control, pneumatic control, vacuum source control, electric control, etc., among which pneumatic control is relatively common.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of China’s commercial vehicle market, some international professional power takeoff manufacturers have also entered China. With the development of time, China’s power takeoff will become more and more diversified and specialized.