Balancing Valve Failure of 16 TON Small Crane

A lot of square balancing valves are installed on the 16 ton crane. Many friends of crane drivers do not understand the importance of balancing valves.

Balance valve position: mainly used in small crane luffing cylinder, arm cylinder, lifting motor and leg cylinder and other hydraulic components.

The function of balance valve:

1. Prevent hydraulic actuators such as cylinders and motors from sliding when subjected to gravity or specific external forces.

2. Make the cylinder and motor produce back pressure under the action of external force in a specific direction and prevent the movement in this direction.

3. Prevent the cylinder piston from falling over speed and effectively control the falling speed.

Balance valves are classified as one-way throttle balancing valves and one-way sequential balancing valves. At present, one-way throttle and one-way sequential balancing valves are commonly used on Lankao cranes.