Basic Configuration of Truck Crane

For a special vehicle, many people usually pay more attention to the engine and gearbox on the chassis when they buy it. For a truck mounted crane, these are really important, but the details are also very important. How to choose the detailed configuration of the truck mounted crane?

  1. Single pump or double pump?

At present, there are two kinds of truck mounted oil pumps used in China: single pump and double pump. The single pump has a simple structure, only one pump body, which is mainly used in the crane of small tonnage, and with the high-quality truck mounted chassis, it can get a good use effect. The double pump is installed together, which is equivalent to two single pumps, so the oil supply of the double pump is larger and stable Better quality, longer working time and faster operation speed of crane.

  1. Hydraulic circuit of truck crane.

Different crane has different circuit design.

The single circuit design is generally reflected in the crane with small tonnage. This system has only one hydraulic circuit, and this crane can only do one action at a time. Although in theory, multiple mechanisms can be linked through precise throttling operation, it will inevitably cause energy loss, heat loss, and low efficiency. In addition, the small tonnage cranes mentioned above all use single pump with small flow , so the movement will be very slow;

Double circuit and multi circuit can greatly improve work efficiency, of course, they are also relatively expensive in price.

  1. The way of boom out of the telescopic boom crane.

As the largest assembly on the telescopic boom crane, there are generally two ways for the boom to extend and retract. One is similar to some truck cranes. There is a big oil cylinder in the boom, and the rest is driven by steel wire rope, and all the arms extend and retract at the same time. The other has two thin oil cylinders in the boom, which extend two arms first, the thickest one. When the boom is fully extended, other arms extend at the same time, The former is powerful with load, while the latter is slow with 2 arms. However, it is relatively safe to use in close distance.

  1. The cross section of the boom on the truck.

In recent years, with the increasing application of high-strength plate and the increasing demand for lightweight, lighter, more high-strength hexagons, octagons and other shapes of boom began to appear.

  1. The style and type of the crane legs.

The crane legs are mainly vertical type, which has simple structure and can meet the use requirements. Most of the current truck mounted cranes use this type of legs; the other is the reversible legs, which are suitable for some chassis with tight space on both sides, such as the traction truck mounted crane. There are two types of rear legs, fixed and movable. Fixed type is mostly used for small tonnage chassis and movable type is more For large tonnage chassis.

For the middle outrigger and movable outrigger that can be extended laterally, there are single cavity and double cavity according to different structures. The left and right outriggers of the single cavity outrigger share a fixed outrigger cavity, while the two cavities are independent. The common point is that the double cavity outrigger is installed with two legs overlapped, so the expansion stroke of the double cavity outrigger is larger, which can provide a larger span.

  1. Winch of telescopic boom crane.

At present, the winch on the market is mainly hydraulic type. According to different functions, there are two kinds of Winch: ordinary winch and two speed winch. The two speed winch can work faster and improve work efficiency when it is no load or light load.

These are the details of the truck mounted crane configuration. If you master these, you can choose a suitable truck mounted crane without any concern.