Cause Analysis of AC Contactor Fault of Crane

Common faults of crane AC contactor are:

1. Coil overheating, cause:

(1) Coil overload;

(2) The movable part of the conductor does not touch the static part;

(3) The voltage of the coil used is lower than that of the coil.

Terms of settlement:

(1) Reduce the pressure of movable contact spring;

(2) Eliminate the causes of abnormal movement of the movable part of the magnet (bending and clamping);

(3) Replacement of coils

2. Make a loud noise.

Causes of failure:

(1) Coil overload;

(2) The surface of magnetic conductor is dirty;

(3) Bending of magnetic conductors;

(4) The automatic adjusting system of magnetic conductor is stuck