Causes of Crane Computer Alarm Failure

Torque limiter display angle is abnormal:


1. Angle Signal Line Fault

2. Angle sensor fault

3. Torque Limiter Debugging Faults

Investigation methods:

1. Detect whether the angle signal line has bad contact or short circuit or circuit breaking. Change the angle signal line according to the detection phenomenon.

2. After the angle signal line has no fault, the moment limiter can not detect the angle signal or the angle signal is abnormal. It can detect whether the angle sensor has oil leakage, card issuance and other phenomena. Change the angle sensor according to the test result.

3. After all the above tests fail, enter the angle adjustment interface of the moment limiter. Zero the angle at the horizontal position of the boom, and fill the angle when the boom is up to the maximum angle. (During debugging, the D value detected is uniformly increased)