China Small Crane 12 Tons Truck Crane’s Advantages

  1. More excellent performance
  • The layout of the whole machine is optimized, and the stress of the main load-bearing members is more reasonable.
  • The mature boom technology that combines the inserted arm head, embedded arm block and special telescopic mechanism makes the boom expansion and contraction more stable and high reliability.
  • Optimized for force design, with new box legs, larger span, stronger stiffness and better stability.
  1. The quality is more reliable
  • With the classic boom telescopic technology, the work is safer and more reliable.
  • High-rigidity turntable and frame structure, the strength and stiffness are fully coordinated.
  • The perfect combination of design and structural process manufacturing, complete automation of welding and higher reliability.
  1. Maintenance is easier
  • The new optimized design pipeline routing, the layout is more scientific and reasonable, greatly shortening the pipeline disassembly time and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Fully upgrade the electrical system, and a variety of electronic equipment can be configured with anti-leakage connectors.
  • Adopt anti-corruption rope technology to improve the efficiency of lifting work and extend the life of steel rope.
  • Well-designed telescopic wire rope guiding and guarding device to avoid wire rope knocking.
  1. Energy saving and more environmentally friendly
  • The electromechanical dual-purpose hydraulic system is more environmentally friendly and economical.
  • Using advanced machine matching technology, the design is more scientific and prolongs the service life of the whole machine.