Common Faults and Solutions of Truck Mounted Crane

The truck crane is a simple lifting engineering vehicle, which is mainly used for lifting and transporting cargo of small tonnage. Some users don’t know much about the working principle of Chinese truck cranes during their use. They can’t do anything about simple and common faults. Today, we will briefly introduce some common faults and solutions for truck cranes.

I China’s truck-mounted crane pump does not work:

1.The force handle is not pushed into place

2. The gear inside the force box is damaged.

3. The drive sleeve between the output shaft of the power take-off box and the input shaft of the oil pump is damaged.

4.The oil pump burned to death


1. Push the force handle in place

2. Maintenance of the force box

3. Replace the drive sleeve

4. Replace the oil pump

II The hydraulic system pressure is too low:

1. The system leaked

2. The relief valve pressure is too low

3. The oil pump volume efficiency is reduced


1. Check all pipes and components and take measures to stop the leak

2. Check the relief valve setting pressure (the specified relief valve setting pressure is 14Mpa (2~3 tons crane) / 17.5Mpa (5~8 tons crane).

3. Replace the oil pump