Common Faults of Truck Crane’s Hydraulic Motor

1. Oxidative deterioration of hydraulic oil.

When the hydraulic system works, the oil temperature rises because of the large flow and pressure of the hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil is in high temperature, on the one hand, the high pressure air in the oil contacts directly with the oil molecule, and the oxygen molecule in the air causes the oil to oxidize and form organic acid, which corrodes the metal surface; on the other hand, the oil oxidizes and precipitates. Viscosities and impregnating paint make hydraulic oil turbid and viscous.

2. Water and air are mixed into the hydraulic oil of the crane. Excessive water content will make hydraulic oil opaque, make its lubrication performance decline, and aggravate fouling accumulation.

3. The wear and tear of hydraulic components such as motors, oil pumps and cylinders cause pollutants. It can increase and accelerate the pollution of hydraulic oil.

When serious wear of hydraulic motor causes abnormal internal leakage of the system, the pressure established by the system will not be enough to overcome the larger load, that is, the lifting driving force is insufficient.