Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages of The Knuckle Arm and The Straight Arm Truck Mounted Crane

  1. Knuckle arm truck mounted crane working efficiency is higher.
    Since the knuckle arm crane adopts several hydraulic cylinders to form a joint-like arm connecting mechanism, it can move faster and work more efficiently. On the other hand, the straight arm crane adopts a set of lifting mechanism of the wire rope, the reel is turning the rope, the hooks rise, the inverted rope hooks drop, the working efficiency is lower than that of the reel hooks, and the working efficiency of the hooks is lower than that of the reel hooks.
  2. The working radius of straight arm truck mounted crane is wider.
    Under the same arm length, the vertical arm crane can also extend the working depth by the way of releasing the wire hook, while the knuckle arm can not finish the deep work required by the truck crane.
  3. Knuckle arm truck mounted crane is more suitable for narrow working environment.
    This is determined by its structure. The knuckle arm is more suitable to work in a narrow working environment such as a factory warehouse, while the straight arm needs more space for its application due to its structure.
  4. Straight arms truck mounted crane are easier to control vertical takeoffs and landings.
    It is difficult to control the vertical takeoff and landing of lifting objects because the lifting mechanism of steel wire rope is adopted in the straight arm, and the lifting and landing can be strictly controlled by the lifting device, while the hydraulic cylinder is used in the knuckle arm with the crane.
  5. Knuckle arm truck mounted crane can be fitted with various auxiliary tools.
    The knuckle arm adopts the hydraulic cylinder device to form the device similar to the joint arm manipulator, which can install the auxiliary tools such as empty working platform, working hopper, fixture, hanging basket, plate fork, high grapple, spiral drill, tire loading manipulator and pile pulling device and so on. Since the straight-arm front is a soft wire rope, few straight arms are equipped with auxiliary tools.
  6. The operation of the straight arm truck mounted crane is relatively simple.
    The invention relates to a lifting mechanism of a direct-arm vehicle-mounted crane adopting a roll-and-take-out steel wire, which is relatively simple in operation, and a plurality of hydraulic oil cylinders are hung on the knuckle arm, so that the operation of a similar manipulator is completed, and the operation is difficult to operate.
  7. The knuckle arm truck mounted crane takes up less space for the vehicle.
    It is obvious that the knuckle arm can shrink the whole boom when the goods are transported with the truck, and the space is relatively smaller, while the straight arm can only be placed horizontally with the car, and the vehicle takes up a larger space when driving.
  8. The straight arm truck mounted crane is easier to install on the chassis of the whole vehicle.
    The straight arm is loose in structure, which is beneficial to disperse the load of the whole vehicle, and the center of gravity is far away from the installation position, especially when lifting the load, it is more beneficial to disperse the axle load of the chassis. On the other hand, the truck-with-car crane with knuckle arm, whether in the middle or in the rear, is easy to concentrate on a certain axis of the chassis because of its concentrated structure, and often produces a large load on a bridge, which is not conducive to the installation of the whole vehicle.
  9. Knuckle arm truck mounted crane price is higher than straight arm.
    The structure of knuckle arm crane with car is relatively complex, the precision is higher, the manufacturing cost is relatively high, the straight arm structure is relatively simple, the manufacturing precision requirement is relatively low, and the overall cost is relatively low.