Composition of 15 Tons Truck Crane Legs and Steering Mechanism

Outrigger and composition of operating mechanism check the picture 7-1.

It is composed of outrigger operated valves, hydraulic locks, movable outriggers, horizontal cylinders, vertical cylinders and outrigger seats.

Outrigger control valve bracket installs on the two sides of beams behind the left front activity leg (see the picture 7-2) there is accelerator level, horizontal and vertical outriggers level, outriggers controller on the panel. Each outrigger cylinder can be individually telescoped.

It is a superposition directional control valve, consisting of four single-piece directional valves, a directional control valve, a pilot-operated check valve and an overflow valve, which can achieve synchronous or individually telescopic of the outriggers.

Before connecting the PTO, the shut-off valve of the hydraulic tank must opened firstly.

The function of the PTO and oil pump transmission device is to transmit the power of the engine to the oil pump to obtain high-pressure oil and distribute it to the working mechanisms of the crane to perform.

The integration and separation of the PTO is achieved by manipulating the gearbox power switch located above the cab dashboard. When engaging, you must first depress the clutch pedal and press the top of the rocker switch.