Composition of Hydraulic System of Dongfeng 12 Ton Crane

According to the assembly distribution of hydraulic system on automobile crane, it can be divided into two parts: dismounting hydraulic system and boarding hydraulic system.

1. Drop-off hydraulic system

Power system: The oil pump sucks oil from the tank and pumps out high-pressure oil, which provides power for the whole system and is the heart of the system.

Outrigger circuit: Controlling the expansion and contraction of 9 outrigger cylinders (4 horizontal outriggers and 5 vertical outriggers) to ensure the stability of the crane during lifting operation. During lifting operation, the tire of the vehicle is lifted off the ground, the whole vehicle is erected, the load is not pressed on the tire, and the level of the vehicle can be adjusted.

2. On-board Hydraulic System

Amplitude-changing circuit: Control the expansion and contraction of the amplitude-changing cylinder to realize the lifting arm’s lifting and landing action. The amplitude-changing mechanism is composed of the amplitude-changing cylinder and the amplitude-changing hydraulic system.

The amplitude-changing hydraulic system is generally centralized with the rotary hydraulic system, but its hydraulic pipeline and control system are separated and can operate independently. The load-bearing strength of the amplitude-changing hydraulic system determines the crane’s lifting weight to a certain extent, and the amplitude-changing cylinder and the telescopic arm are in the same position. Steady triangle, single double-acting variable-amplitude cylinder is usually used in automobile crane.