Composition of Truck Crane Boom

The boom is usually divided into two parts: the main arm and the auxiliary arm. Then it can be divided into two types. One is a truss boom welded by profiles and pipes, and the other is a box boom with various sections.

Although there are two kinds of structures, with the development of truck cranes, most of the main booms of truck cranes are box structures, only a few of them are truss structures.

The boom of truck crane is the most important part of the crane. The crane uses the pulley group at the top of the boom to support the hoisting of steel rope to suspend heavy objects, and uses the change of the length and inclination angle of the boom to change the lifting height and working radius.

Although the function of boom is to suspend and carry objects, the performance and efficiency of crane vary greatly with different boom structure and technology.

The function of the truck crane’s auxiliary arm is that when the height of the main arm can not meet the needs, the auxiliary arm can be connected at the end of the main arm to achieve the purpose of lifting objects to a higher level.

The assistant arm can only lift lighter objects. Generally, the auxiliary arm has only one arm, and there are more than two folding or telescopic auxiliary arms. Among them, the folding truss structural auxiliary arm is the most common.