Cooling Methods for Overheating of Crane‘s Hydraulic System

(1) Regular cleaning of radiators

The working environment of the small crane is poor and there is much dust. The dust and oil pollution adsorbed on the outside surface of the radiator will seriously affect the radiation effect of the radiator. The radiator should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and keep good heat dissipation performance.

(2) Rational Selection of Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil should be selected according to the brand recommended by the small crane manufacturer and the working environment and temperature of the machine.

(3) Adjusting system pressure according to standard

In the quantitative pump system, the oil supply pressure of the crane hydraulic pump is regulated by the relief valve.

(4) Preventing pipeline blockage and oil leakage

Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out for the oil inlet filter element and the oil inlet pipe to prevent the oil flow from being blocked by the blockage of the pipeline.

(5) Timely maintenance of wear and tear hydraulic components of small cranes
Hydraulic pumps and motors should be inspected regularly, and the worn hydraulic components should be repaired in time.