COVID 19 Vaccine

WHO chief scientist: China’s new crown vaccine has been proved to be effective.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia chief news scientist Sumiya Swaminathan said: China’s new crown vaccine research project has several candidate vaccines at the leading stage of clinical trials. Some vaccines have been proven effective in clinical trials at this stage.

Eleven new coronal vaccines have entered the clinical trial stage in China.

On September 18, Wang Zhigang, Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, revealed that China has now entered the stage of clinical trials of 11 new coronal vaccines, of which 4 have entered phase 3 clinical trials.

Q: When will the new crown vaccine be universal?

A: In November or December, ordinary people can get the new coronal vaccine

Wu Guizhen, chief biosafety expert of China Center for Disease Control and prevention: this time will be very short. In November or December, ordinary people can be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, because according to the clinical results of phase III, the progress is very smooth.

Q: How long can it work after vaccination?

A: Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not long enough to develop, so the vaccine development time is not long, Wu Guizhen, chief expert of biosafety at China Center for Disease Control and prevention. Based on past experience and the results of previous studies, we expect the effect to be about 1 to 3 years. Because of the short time, we are still observing.

China’s president Xi Jinping said:

Several vcaccines have entered phase III clinical test in China.

After R&D is completed, it will be put ino use as a global public product.

It will be given priority to developing countries.