Definition and Classification of Truck Mounted Crane

Truck mounted crane transport vehicle refers to a special transport vehicle equipped with truck mounted crane for self loading and unloading of goods.

As a loading part, the truck mounted crane (commonly known as the lorry crane) is not only widely used in road logistics transportation, but also widely used in construction, railway, ship, forestry, aerospace, electric power, fire protection, sanitation, measurement, obstacle removal and rescue, national defense and many other fields of cargo self loading and unloading and transportation, which is the optimal equipment for modern logistics transportation vehicles and operation vehicles.

According to the difference of chassis, the definition and classification of truck mounted crane transporter can be divided into three types: single vehicle, semi-trailer and semi-trailer tractor.

(1) Single car:
The truck crane is installed on the truck (or dump truck, bin grid truck, flat car, etc.), which is flexible and safe, while the load capacity, lifting capacity and operating range are relatively small. It is suitable for the occasions with poor road conditions, narrow roads and sharp bends, and low requirements for lifting capacity and operating range.

(2) Semi trailer type:
The attached crane is installed on the semi-trailer, which can only be moved by semi-trailer tractor, and generally needs semi-trailer tractor to provide power to its hydraulic system. The quick joint of the oil pipe of the hydraulic system is butted at the front of the semi-trailer, and the length of the oil pipe shall be reserved with a certain margin according to the turning radius of the semi-trailer tractor.

It is characterized by that the semi-trailer tractor can be used for other purposes to achieve multi-purpose (swing); the semi-trailer vehicle weight is large; the crane lifting capacity and operation range can be large, but the flexibility is poor; it is suitable for the occasions with good road conditions and large load capacity, lifting capacity and operation range.

(3) Semi trailer tractor type:
The truck mounted crane is installed on the tractor. Due to the limitation of the towed vehicle (semi-trailer) at the rear, the foldable crane is generally equipped, which has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, high mobility flexibility, independent use and low requirements for the towed vehicle, and is suitable for short-distance and multi cargo transportation and loading and unloading.