Four Common Faults of Truck Mounted Crane

All kinds of problems will occur when the truck mounted crane is used for a long time. Today, we would like to share with you four common problems and maintenance of the lorry crane.

1. the truck crane does not work and the lifting capacity decreases.

A. The oil pump does not work.

First, check whether the air pressure of the vehicle is under pressure, and whether the power switch and solenoid valve of the power take-off are energized. Whether the air path of the power take-off is ventilated or not, many reasons are because the power take-off handle is not pushed in place, which can be solved only by pushing the power take-off handle in place.

B. When the oil pump works, the crane speed is slow and fast.

If the oil in the oil tank is insufficient, add enough hydraulic oil; if the oil filter is blocked, clean the oil filter.

2. The hydraulic system pressure is too low.

In case of leakage in the system, check all pipes and components and take measures to prevent leakage.

3. The luffing cylinder is weak.
If the piston in the luffing oil cylinder is damaged or the cylinder barrel of the luffing oil cylinder is deformed, resulting in large internal leakage, check whether the cylinder barrel is deformed.
4. The winch is weak.
The volume efficiency of the winch plunger oil motor is reduced. Replace the winch plunger oil and motor.