General Precautions for Operating 12 Tons Truck Mounted Crane

For safer operation, please be familiar with the operation method in this manual and use it after full practice.

(1)Please do not do an irregular action when operating , which can damage the crane ;

(2)Please keep the crane jib and hydraulic system clean and dry;

(3)Please carry out the daily inspection, monthly inspection and semi-annual inspection required in this manual.

(4) Please carry out safety check and confirm the status of lubricating oil before each operation. If crane is short of oil, please fill it up in time.

(5)Operators need to maintain their physical and mental health.Please do not drink alcohol or fatigue operation, please develop good habits

(6)Before carrying out the work , the operator shall consult with the manager in advance for the following matters .

 # The purpose, content and method of the operation.

 # Confirmation of work location, roads, obstacles

 # Load, working radius, working height, etc.
 # Confirm the signal and signal number.

 # A commander is required to operate with two or more cranes

7) The operator should not change the pressure of the overflow valve arbitrarily. Any change will cause the crane to malfunction or even damage.

(8)Do not drive the vehicle in the condition of the lifting arm and leg not fully recovered or hoisting the cargo. Otherwise, the crane will cause damage and accident.

(9)The boom can only be used for cargo takeoffs and landings, and must not be used for passengers. There will be a accident when people are riding down.

(10)Be careful when working around the wire, as overpower can cause casualties and crane damage.

(11)When the outriggers reach the maximum limit and do not lift the vehicle or operate on the soft ground, please attach the auxiliary plate between the ground and the support plate.

(12)When the vehicle is propped up, it is possible for the terrain to cause the tilt of the body, please use the pre-prepared pads.

(13)Do not touch hydraulic devices such as hydraulic tanks, piping, and oil pumps during operation, otherwise it will cause scalding.

(14)The operator shall confirm whether the person, machinery or material is out of the scope of work before running the equipment.There should be no obstacles in the work area.

(15)Must use the length of the steel wire rope, the use of long wire rope will reduce the service life of the wire rope.