Harm of Abnormal Oil Pressure of 12-ton T- King Truck Crane

The phenomena and hazards of abnormal oil pressure of 12-ton T King chassis truck crane are as follows:

If the liquid level is on the high side, the oil will jump into the cylinder, burn the oil, emit blue smoke, the gasoline combustion is not enough, and some parts are soaked in the oil, the resistance is high, the engine is not strong;

If the liquid level is on the low side, it’s like the water in the bucket is short, the oil can’t be pumped, the lubrication is not enough, and the wear and tear is large.

Normal standard is: when filling the oil, first fill 80% or so (which requires personal experience), stay for 10 minutes, then draw out the oil ruler, wipe it clean, insert it, and then pull it out to see where the mark of the oil is, generally there is a maximum and minimum, in the middle of the two is more appropriate, of course. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the top or on the bottom, as long as it’s in the middle.