Heavy Duty Truck Crane

The so-called heavy-duty truck mounted crane refers to the truck mounted crane with a crane tonnage of more than 20 tons. The tonnage of the heavy-duty truck mounted crane can reach up to 150 tons.

The heavy-duty truck mounted crane is mainly used for the moving and placing of large-scale equipment in factories, transportation and hoisting companies, military and marine engineering, etc. the heavy-duty truck mounted crane also works through full hydraulic pressure.

The difference between the heavy-duty truck mounted crane and the general truck mounted crane is that the first and second luffing cylinders are located in the On the same plane, so that the structure will not be distorted when lifting, so that the design and production can be carried out in the direction of larger tonnage truck crane.

So what are the characteristics of heavy-duty truck mounted crane?

1. Strong lifting capacity. The lifting capacity of heavy-duty truck mounted crane is far more than that of ordinary truck mounted crane. At present, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 150 tons. Such large-scale truck mounted lifting capacity has great practicability for a certain scale of transportation and hoisting company.

2. All of them are telescoped by oil cylinder, and the lifting load is directly telescoped and translated, so the safety is much higher than that of truck crane.

3. Low price. The price of the same tonnage truck crane is much higher than that of the truck crane. For example, the price of a 90 ton heavy truck crane is about 1 million, and the price of a 100 ton truck crane is about 3 million. The lifting capacity is basically the same, but the price gap is very large, so the use frequency of the heavy truck crane in the market is increasingly high.

4. Great development potential. At present, there are so many truck cranes in the market that they have reached a saturated state. The heavy-duty truck crane is the equipment rising in recent years. It is convenient to use the heavy-duty truck crane, such as plant relocation, equipment displacement, large lifting, etc., so the market of heavy-duty truck crane will be better and better in the future.

5. High profit. Although the price of heavy-duty truck mounted crane is relatively high, its profit margin is also large.

Some large projects in China can not be started without heavy truck mounted crane, which has sufficient market potential and is worth purchasing!