How To Adjust the Truck Crane Valve?

In order to improve work efficiency, the function of multi way valve is also improving. At present, the most advanced multi way valve in China is installed on the crane, which can operate in two directions, change work procedures and complete all work links. Generally, each crane is equipped with 2 multi-channel valves to assist the smooth completion of lifting operation.

It can be seen that the maintenance and adjustment of the multi way valve of the truck crane directly affect the lifting effect.

Therefore, we need to properly maintain and adjust many way valves. Multi way valve is a key component. The high-pressure oil from the oil pump is fed into each working system through the multi way valve. For example: the expansion of the leg cylinder and the outrigger cylinder of the truck mounted crane, the expansion of the boom cylinder, the extension and retraction of the boom push-pull cylinder, the left and right rotation, the lifting of the heavy object, in order to make the truck mounted crane more stable and safer in use, there is an adjusting screw at the right rear of the multi-way valve to adjust the pressure of the multi-way valve.

The specific method is: two nuts side by side, the inside is the lock cap, the outside is the pressure regulating nut, and the clockwise direction is the pressure boosting. The counter clockwise direction is to reduce pressure. After the pressure is adjusted, the nut must be locked with a lock cap. Generally, it is not adjusted at will, and the pressure is usually adjusted to 14MPa.