How to Avoid the Risk of Moisture Intrusion?

In winter, the temperature drops suddenly, and the weather is cold. The maintenance of truck crane should be careful of the invasion of moisture.

1. With the car crane easy to breed bacteria and peculiar smell, the car environment is mostly closed, bacteria are more likely to grow in a humid environment. The smell will pollute the car and affect the body.

2. With the humidity increasing, it will be difficult to read the CD when the speaker and CD are damped.

3. The chassis of the truck crane will not be exposed to sunlight all the year round, and the moisture will penetrate into the small holes of the chassis and rust the body, causing the paint to peel off.

4. The brightness of the headlight will be affected when it is easy to enter water. Many water may damage the headlight, change the direction of the light, and bring hidden danger to the driving safety.

5. Hinge and lock are easy to rust.

6. Brake system failure.

The above six places are the most vulnerable to moisture intrusion. In winter, it is necessary to pay attention to and carry out maintenance, so as to keep the crane in a high-performance state and use it for a long time.