How to choose a Truck Mounted Crane?

The truck crane is mainly composed of automobile chassis, crane and cargo box.
We will briefly explain from these three aspects, how to choose with the car hoisting.

1. A good truck mounted crane should be accompanied with a good crane.
The crane is one of the key components of the truck crane, which is directly related to the lifting capacity of the truck crane. Therefore, a good crane can not be separated from a good crane.

2. Telescopic arm or folding arm
Telescopic arms and folding arm cranes have their own advantages, mainly depending on their working environment. The advantages of the telescopic arm are that it is cheap and has a large working radius. It is more suitable for an open working environment and performs some simple vertical lifting. For general personal purchases, there are more choices for telescopic arms.

The advantage of the folding arm is that it is highly efficient and can be equipped with accessories, but it is more expensive. The folding arm truck crane is suitable for warehouse factories with small working space, etc., and is suitable for adding various auxiliary tools for special operations. Enterprises, warehouses, docks and other operations choose more folding arms.

3. Brand selection of crane
There are many manufacturers of truck cranes in China. The common ones are Xugong, Shimeiji, Feitao, Shaoqi, Yutong Heavy Industry, and Heavy Duty. The above brands are mainly dominated by medium and large cranes.

We are mainly small cranes with the ability to develop and produce. After nearly 30 years of improvement, our truck cranes have been recognized by our customers at home and abroad.

4. Tonnage selection of crane
Generally, the optimal lifting tonnage of the truck crane is 70%-90% of the maximum lifting weight of the crane. When selecting, try to make the lifting weight have a certain margin, which is beneficial to extend the life of the crane.

When selecting the tonnage of the crane, it must be made clear that the maximum lifting tonnage is the lifting weight in the case of a short boom, the boom is elongated, and the lifting weight is reduced in geometric multiples. For example, a 10-ton truck-mounted crane generally has a lifting weight of 10 tons within a telescopic distance of less than 3 meters, and 5 tons of lifting weight for 5 meters and 2.3 tons for 8 meters.

5. Position of the crane
Common crane layouts are mainly center-mounted and rear-mounted, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. The center-mounted selection of the lifting position is convenient, and the rear-mounted type has better stability during the lifting process, but the biggest disadvantage is that it cannot be loaded with extra long cargo.