How to choose the truck mounted crane

Comparing the truck crane to the body part, there are also three major parts of the truck crane: the car chassis, the crane, and the cargo box.

1 The chassis is the foot of the car.

The reliability of the chassis is also related to the usage rate of the truck crane.

Matching with the crane: In addition to paying attention to the brand, the matching of the chassis and the crane is also one of the factors that must be concerned. Because the trolley is loaded with a large crane, the stability is poor, and it is easy to cause a rollover accident. The big car is equipped with a small crane, which can not play the maximum efficiency of the car and waste resources.

In general, 4X2 models are equipped with 3.2 tons, 5 tons of cranes, 6X2 models with 6.3-10 tons of cranes, 6X4 models with 10-12 tons of cranes, 8X4 models with more than 16 tons of cranes.

2 The crane is the arm of the truck crane.

The principle of maximum lifting quality is: moderate. It is also necessary to note that the optimal lifting tonnage is 70%-90% of the maximum lifting weight of the crane. When selecting, try to make the lifting weight have a certain margin and extend the life of the crane.

Boom: Mainly depends on how much your working radius is, how far you need to lift multiple cargoes, and different starting distances at different distances. This is one of the habits of easily damaging the boom when the customer actually operates.

Rear legs: It is recommended to use 6.3T or more with rear legs and 3 types of rear legs: fixed, single-chamber hydraulic, double-chamber hydraulic.

Straight arms and folding arms: The choice of telescopic arms and folding arms depends mainly on the working environment. The former is cheaper, has a larger working radius, is suitable for an open environment, and is simple to work; the latter is the opposite, and the folding arm can be equipped with an auxiliary device.

3 The cargo box is the abdomen of the car.

The cargo boxes of the trucks are generally fenced. The most worthy attention of the container is the length of the container, because the length of the container is limited.

Commonly used configuration: 4X2 models do 3.5 meters, 5.8 meters or 6.1 meters; 6×2, 6×4 models are generally 7.5-8.6 meters of carriages, the maximum length of the cargo box is 8.6 meters.