How to Improve the Tire Durability of the Truck Mounted Crane

The tyres of the truck crane are very important for the whole vehicle, so some small and energy-saving driving make the tyres more durable.

  1. When the truck crane is used, it is necessary to avoid turning in place

Many people like to turn the steering wheel in place when they are driving, that is, when the vehicle is stopped, turning the steering wheel in place will make the tire wear concentrated on the same contact surface, resulting in partial severe tire wear and shortening the service life.

  1. Avoid truck crane hitting shoulders and falling into potholes

When traveling on the road, the truck crane should avoid some potholes and obstacles as much as possible, so as to protect the tires.

  1. Avoid rubbing against the sidewall

For the tires of truck mounted crane, the sidewall is the weakest part. Some car owners will rub against the sidewall unintentionally when parking, which will easily wear the sidewall and cause the sidewall bulge.

  1. The tires of the truck crane shall be kept at a proper tire pressure

Proper tire pressure can ensure the uniform ground area of the tire and reduce unnecessary wear, so the owners must check the tire pressure of the lorry crane regularly to keep the tire pressure within the normal range.

Pay attention to these small details when the tires of the truck crane are used at ordinary times. These small details can reduce the tire wear to the greatest extent and effectively extend the service life of the tires of the truck crane.