How to Maintain small Crane in Rainy Season?

The following four points shall be noted for the maintenance of small tonnage truck crane in rainy season:

1. Change proper lubricating oil for small tonnage crane.
2. Adjust suitable tire pressure for small tonnage truck crane.
3. Clean the air filter of small tonnage truck crane.
4. Do a good job in the maintenance of small tonnage crane paint.

It’s not only the private car that needs the car paint maintenance. The small tonnage car crane is no exception. In the rainy season, a large amount of rainwater will slowly corrode the car paint. The rainwater is acidic. If the car is exposed to the rainwater for a long time, the car paint of the car crane will corrode.

Therefore, in the rainy season, the car owners and friends try to place the crane with the car in a rain free position. If the rain is inevitable, wipe it clean as soon as possible to protect the paint.