How to Prevent the Crane from Turning Over

Any truck crane has some problems that need to be paid attention to, so as to achieve safe driving. There are several points that need to be paid attention to during the driving and operation process of the truck mounted crane:

1- Before leaving the lorry crane, it is better to determine the route first. The road should be relatively flat, and the operation site should be a little flat. In this way, the load on the mobile crane with the car is relatively uniform, and the car is not prone to rollover accidents.

2- In the process of truck crane operation, the sling shall be vertical, and it is better not to exceed the turning radius of mobile crane. Pull rope shall be set when lifting heavy objects.

3- When carrying out the lifting operation with the truck crane, on the one hand, it is necessary to fix the lifted object, on the other hand, the extension, lifting and rotation of the boom crane arm shall be stable, so as to avoid shaking in the air, and at the same time, it is necessary to avoid emergency braking or impact vibration as much as possible.

4- The truck crane shall not be driven under full load. It is forbidden to lift and rotate at the same time, so it is easy to shake due to inertia, and if the operation site is uneven at this time, it is easy to cause rollover accident.

In fact, generally speaking, it is the problem of the center of gravity. If the center of gravity is stable, the truck mounted crane will not roll easily.