How to solve the problem that the temperature of the small crane hydraulic oil is too high

1. The cause analysis
① The cooling system is leaking or the cooling water is insufficient;
② The water temperature indicator indicates inaccuracy or failure;
③ The cooling system has too much scale and poor heat dissipation;
④ The radiator shield net or the radiator core air passage is blocked by debris, resulting in poor heat dissipation;
⑤ The pump and fan belt are too loose or broken;
⑥ The pump is damaged, the fan blades are reversed or deformed, and the wind ring is damaged;
⑦ The thermostat is damaged in the main valve closed position;
⑧ The engine is overloaded for a long time and the oil supply time is too late.

2. The elimination method

① Sudden water temperature is too high.
First check if the heat sink is overheated. If the heat sink temperature is too high, the cylinder head gasket is damaged. If the temperature of the radiator is not high, the cooling water circulation is poor. Check whether the fan belt is broken or severely slipped. If the thermostat is normal, the pump is damaged and the pump should be carefully checked.

②   Non-sudden water temperature is too high.
For the phenomenon that the temperature is not too high, the engine speed should be increased to see if the water inlet is turned over. If a large amount of water is turned over and the temperature of the radiator is not uniform, some cooling pipes are blocked. When the water inlet is slightly turned over and the engine temperature is low and high, it indicates that the water distribution pipe is damaged or blocked and should be replaced in time.