Hydraulic Motor for 12 Ton Dongfeng Truck Crane

Hydraulic motors commonly used in 12-ton cranes are mainly:

Commonly used hydraulic motors are gear motor, plunger motor, cycloid motor, multi-action internal curve motor, five-star motor and so on.

Gear motors are generally used in small power and high speed occasions such as fans. Quantitative motors have relatively low cost.

Plunger motor is generally used in high-speed, high-pressure, high-power occasions, high efficiency, quantitative, variable motor, control forms are diverse, high cost;

Cycloidal motors are medium and small power, low speed and high torque motors. They are mostly used in low and medium voltage situations. They are relatively inefficient, quantitative motors, low cost, and small tonnage cranes can be used.

Multi-action internal curve and five-star motor are high-power, low-speed and high-torque motors. Anchors and winches are widely used. Most of them are quantitative motors with medium and high pressure and large flow.