Hydraulic Oil Filter and Consumable Parts Replacement for Truck Mounted Crane

The hydraulic oil is easily contaminated, so the hydraulic oil must be filtered through the filter. To ensure the normal operation of the filter, clean the filter element regularly.

When purchasing a crane, replace the filter element after one month or after 50 hours of start-up, and then replace the filter element at least every 500 hours or every year.

Replacement method is as follows:

1) Close the system and eliminate the pressure of the filter.
2) Remove the filter cartridge
3) Replace the new seal and filter element.
4) Cover the new cylinder with your hand.
5) Open the system to check for oil leakage. If there is a leak, tighten it to stop it.

Replacement of vulnerable parts

At the beginning of use of the cylinder, the seal and guide ring are replaced every three years (including the storage period).

The brake linings were not replaced once every two years.