Inspection and Maintenance of Truck-Mounted Cranes

The Inspection of components and parts (Daily inspection)

1. PTO                              

⇒ Check for abnormal sound or abnormal heating
⇒ Check the operating status of the operating lever

2. Transmission shaft   

⇒ Check whether the connection part is loose or not.

3. Oil tank                       

Check oil quantity
Check for oil spills

4. Slewing mechanism 

Check for oil leaks
Check the gear oil conditions
 Check each bolt and nut for looseness
Check for abnormal noise

5. Luffing tank               

⇒ Check the damage condition of shaft and bolt
⇒ Check for falling arms or oil spills

6. Lifting boom             

⇒ Check the damage status of shaft and bolt
⇒ Check the welding site for cracks

7. Winding reducer

⇒ Check for oil leaks
⇒ Check for abnormal noise

8. Hydraulic pump

⇒ Check the installation status
⇒ Check for oil leaks

9. Hook
⇒ Check the operation and damage of the hook.
⇒ Check the damage of the pulley.

10. Steel wire rope

⇒ Check if the wire rope is damaged.

11. Crane operating device

⇒ Check the operating state of the joystick

12. Outrigger

⇒ Check for sharp drops or leaks.
⇒ Check for cracks in the welding parts.

13. Control valve

⇒ Check for oil leaks

14. Electrical System

⇒ Check whether it works

15. Winch

⇒ Check for cracks
⇒ Check for deformation

16. Pressure gauge

⇒ Check for oil leakage and whether the pointer returns to zero

17. Hydraulic pipeline

⇒ Check the connection site for oil leakage

18. Pulley

⇒ Check the damage status of shaft and bolt
⇒ Check the damage to the pulley

19. Base

⇒ Check the installation of the bolts are loose