Inspection and Preparation before Operating the 10T Truck Crane

Check the following items before driving, eliminate when found the anomalies

A) Lubrication of various parts, add enough lubricant as required;

B) Whether the hydraulic oil reaches the standard position, the additional hydraulic oil must be the same as the hydraulic oil in the tank.

When refueling, filter screen is need, prohibiting the objects entering the hydraulic tank.

C) Whether there is leakage in the connection of hydraulic system oil pumps, valves, cylinders, motors,etc.

D) Whether the fastening of the outriggers, amplitudes, telescopic mechanism is reliable

E) Whether the gear oil pump transmission connection is firm and reliable

F) Whether the instrument, indicator and safety device is normal

G) Whether the joystick position is correct, flexible and reliable.

H) Whether the connecting bolts such as the slewing ring, the swing mechanism, and the hoisting hoisting mechanism are firm and reliable;

I) Whether the luffing, telescopic, turning, winching is normal when laying the outriggers and raise the loom no-loaded.

J) Winch steel wire ropes and boom telescopic wire ropes needs to be replaced when one of the following conditions occurs. the number of broken wires in an Min County is more than 10%; the diameter decreases by more than 7% of the nominal diameter; the wire rope appears kinks; significantly loose Off; severe corrosion, etc.;

The wire rope is lubricated at least twice a month, wipe with a clean cloth before lubrication, and then greased during the application.