Inspection Method for 12 Ton Truck Crane

1. Look at the coke deposit and working conditions

2. Look up and down smoke, check wear and tear

3. Look at the water temperature, check the cooling

4. Look at the gas distribution and phase check

5. Look at the pressure, check the leak
The pressure of cylinder can be measured by pressure gauge to find out the cylinder with poor sealing.

6. Look at the exhaust, check the smoke color

When a diesel engine is working normally, it generally does not smoke or emit some light gray-white smoke, sometimes it is difficult to see with the naked eye. If it emits black smoke, it means that there is more oil and less gas in the cylinder, and the combustion is incomplete.
7. Look at the fuel injection and chackling
Fuel injection pump should be non-deflective, non-dripping, good atomization, proper range, and feel the pulsation of high-pressure oil pipe by hand.
8. Look at the punctuality, check the morning and evening
Seeing timing refers to checking injection timing, that is, whether the advance angle of fuel supply meets the requirements.
9. Look at the phenomena and check the circuit