Inspection Method of Crane Transmission Shaft

Examination methods:

First of all, observe the index on the barometer, if the pressure is lower than the working pressure, increase the throttle to increase the pressure; if the pressure is normal, we have to find out whether the front and rear trachea of the solenoid valve is rainy season plug, whether the pipeline is broken or leaking, resulting in insufficient air intake of the cylinder.

Check whether the solenoid valve is safe and reliable. If the fault is not eliminated, the cylinder of the power take-off device should be removed, the piston rod should be taken out, the piston or O-ring should be replaced, and the dirt on the inner wall of the cylinder barrel should be removed.

When the lifting operation is completed, the power take-off switch is closed and the drive shaft of the power take-off device continues to rotate to make the hydraulic pump work. Generally, there are the following reasons:

(1) The nuts that press the fork loosen;

(2) The screw on the piston rod is loose;

(3) The spring and performance on the piston rod of the force collector are weakened or damaged.