Inspection of Crane in Winter

  • Check the appearance and paint.
    Check the appearance including the body surface and all the components that can be seen.
  • Check internal components.
    After a long time of use, one of the components in the engine compartment of the truck mounted crane needs to be inspected, which is the “air filter”.
  • Check the tires.
    After a long time of bumping, the tire positioning may fail. At this time, the most significant feature is that the vehicle will deviate and run out. If this happens, it needs to be checked.
  • Check the engine fluid.
    Check the engine oil regularly and change it. When changing, drain the original oil and add new oil.
  • Check the chassis.
    If the chassis makes abnormal noise, the steering wheel shakes, and the parking position of the vehicle is stained with oil, it means that the chassis has been damaged.
  • Check the brake system.
    Visually inspect the brake disc surface through the tire aluminum alloy steel ring.
  • Check the whole vehicle glass.
    Not all problems of car glass can be solved by washing with water.
    Do not neglect the inspection of the above seven parts easy to lose, and the maintenance of the truck crane starts here in winter